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MS 380127Photocopy of 'The Native Question especially in relation to Christianity and Education', by Francis Edward Carter, Grahamstown, reprinted from Eastern Province Illustrated
MS 380197Photocopy of 'Bantu Babel', by Jacob Nhlapo, Cape Town
MS 380097Photocopy of 'Tribal Natives and Trade Unionism: The Policy of the Rand Gold Mining Industry statement', by the Transvaal Camber of Mines, Johannesburg
MS 380673'Some personal and place-names in the North-East of Trans-Orange South Africa derived from the recollections of aged persons; and recorded in the annotated Part II of the Gazetteer for Basutoland'
MS 380253Minutes of meeting of the Homeland Leaders, South Africa
MS 380240Photocopy of manuscript index by Kenneth M. Glazier of miscellaneous South African documents, 1902-63 from Hoover Institute
MS 380150Photocopy of 'The Morija Printing Office and book depot: a historical survey', by Edouard Jacottet, Morija
MS 380152Photocopy of 'Native Vote v. Native Land: "shadow" v "substance"', National Conference on Native Bills, Cape Town
MS 380218Photocopy of inventory of papers presented by Major K. R. Thomas from the estate of Major J. F. Herbst, former secretary for Native Affairs, Feb 1963, Cape Town University Library
MS 380099Photocopy of 'Social Services for Urban Africans: shall the poor carry their own poverty?', by Ellen Hellmann, Johannesburg, reprinted from Race Relations, Fourth Quarter 1941: Vol VIII, No.4
MS 349229Material relating to the SS Mendi by Randolph Vigne
MS 380872Postcards of Southern Africa - South Africa and Rhodesia [Zimbabwe]
MS 380898Photograph of the grave of Richard Birt, missionary of the London Missionary Society
MS 380077Transcript of tape recordings made in Pietermaritzburg, Natal, covering life of Henry Selby Msimang in South Africa and his involvement with the African National Congress, Industrial and Commercial Workers Union, etc.
MS 380098Photocopy of 'Municipal Policy and Native Welfare', by Eleanor Hawarden, Johannesburg, reprinted from Race Relations, Fourth Quarter 1941: Vol VIII, No.4
MS 380139Photocopied typescript of a short story [title page missing] by H. D. Tyamzashe
MS 380254Photocopy of 'Hoe die O.B. die H.N.P. steeds Teengegaan het: uiteensetting deur Adv.Strydom', by Johannes Gerhardus Strijdom, Herenigde Nasionale Party
MS 380132Photocopy of Inspan Congress, 1959, published by the National Party, Natal Branch
MS 349203Correspondence of Londa N. Shembe
MS 349232Letter from Alan Paton to Dr and Mrs. L. Hertslet regarding 'Cry, The Beloved Country'
MS 380605'Migrant Labour and the Pedi: 1840-1880', by Peter Delius
MS 380163Photocopy of 'The Race Conflict in South Africa: an enquiry into the general question of native education', by Frederick Spence Tatham, Pietermaritzburg
MS 380107Photocopy of 'South African "Nationalism": its black record in the war 1939-45', compiled by Head Office of the United Party
MS 380172Reports by Godfrey Mokgonane Pitje on a visit to Madibong, in connexion with the death of Chief Kgolane and subsequent trial of Makopole Kgolane and 13 others
MS 380135Photocopy of 'The Jewish Community and the Zionist movement in South African Society (1910-1948)', by Gideon Shimoni, PhD. Thesis, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
MS 380234Photocopy of inventory of the Ambrose Lynn Saffery papers held at the South African Institute of Race Relations, Johannesburg regarding black trades union movement
MS 349233Speeches by Randolph Vigne
MS 225864Correspondence of Francis George Hall
MS 380110Photocopy of Natives and the Administration of Justice by Norton Norris Franklin, Johannesburg, reprinted from The South African Outlook for the Consultative Committee of Joint Councils
MS 380865'Memories of Taungs' and 'My Early Life', by Jean Findlay Kennedy Holtham
MS 380133Photocopy of an address by the Mayor, Mrs N. McDowell, on the occasion of the official opening of Daveyton Bantu township, by Dr W. W. M. Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs
MS 380159Photocopy of Extracts of letters from Mr Fred B. Smith and others together with newspaper comments relating to his evangelistic tour of South Africa under the auspices of the International Commmittee of the Young Men's Christian Association, New York
MMS/17/02/04/03Mr Robert Snowdall
MS 380256Photocopies of questionnaires giving details of native churches organised by the South African Native Churches Commission
MMS/17/02/04/02Rev Francis P Gladwin
MS 380141Photocopied typescript of an address by Dr. W. W. M. Eiselen, Secretary for Native Affairs, for Benoni municipality's opening of Daveyton Bantu township on 16 Apr 1955
MS 380093Photocopy of 'Natives, Drink, Labour: Our Duty', by Joseph Millerd Orpen, reprinted from East London Daily Dispatch
MS 380085Photocopy of 'Nuwe Orde vis Sud-Afrika uiteengesit in 'n Samespraak tussen 'n Karo-boer en sy predikant', by Charl Wynand Markelbach Toit, Pretoria
MS 380397Papers of Reginald Frederick George Pearce
MS 380215Photocopy of inventory of manuscript letters presented to the University of Cape Town Libraries by Mrs M Murray-Parker of Tamboorskloof, Cape Town, 24 Mar 1966
MS 380165'It is time to awake!', by R. Mettler [authorship ascribed to B. Hirson]
MS 380166Photocopy of 'Indela eya enkululekweni' published by the Society of Young Africa, Durban
MS 380238Photocopy of inventory of Foreign Labour Department records held in Transvaal Archives Depot, Pretoria
MS 418522Photocopy of 'Why did Dingane kill Retief? and other extracts' by Lionel Forman
MS 380241Photocopy of typescript variant of 'H. Selby Msimang looks back', by H. Selby Msimang
MS 380219Photocopy of inventory of papers presented by Dr and Mrs W. Lennox Gordon, Cape Town University Library
MS 380192Photocopy of manuscripts 'Notebook I: The Essential Interpreter' and 'Notebook 2: Sekgoma', by Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje
MS 380185'Biographical Notes on Nelson Mandela', by unknown author
MS 380245Photocopy of Deed of Transfer in favour of Josiah Tshangana Gumede of land in Pietermaritzburg
MS 380189Photocopies of presscuttings on subject of "Black Peril" from the South African Government Archives (file NA 4415/1912/F1131)
MS 380217Photocopy of inventory of the Morris Alexander papers, Cape Town University Library
MS 380225Photocopy of inventory of Fairbairn papers held at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380242Photocopy of 'Handbook of Information for Parents and Guardians', Lovedale Institution
MS 380105Photocopy of 'Municipal Control of Locations', a Paper read by Lt. Col. Frederick Anastasius Saunders at the Thirteenth session of the Association of Municipal Corporations of the Cape Province, Grahamstown
MS 380114Photocopy of Reddingsdaad en volksopbou: redes gehou by geleentheid van die RDB Kongres te Bloemfontein, Jul 1941, Johannesburg
MS 380103Photocopy of Declaration of the Bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal Church
MS 380086'Khama, the King' by 'Inquisitor', reprinted from the Sunday Times, Johannesburg
MS 380620Boer War, Boxer Uprising and other press cuttings
CWML MSS/223Fragments of an autobiography by Dr John Philip, Superintendent of the London Missionary Society in South Africa, 1819-1851
MS 380149Photocopy of 'General Smut's Speech at Bloemfontein, 3 Nov 1939
MS 380191Material relating to the Anti-Apartheid Movement
MMS/17/02/04/11Rev William Impey
MS 380478Papers of Professor John D Fage
MS 380140Photocopy of a calendar of the papers of Dr. D. L. Smit, M.P. at Albany Museum, Grahamstown, South Africa compiled by T. N. Hutchinson
MS 380109Photocopy of 'Afrikaners Ontwaak!', by Prof. Andries Charl Cilliers
MS 380224Photocopy of inventory of Edward Roux papers held at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380106Photocopy of 'The rising cost of living', by R. Schuman, Johannesburg
MMS/17/02/04/10Rev Thomas Jenkins
MS 380235Photocopy of inventory of papers of South African Labour Party
MS 380083Photocopy of 'Here it is! A brief outline of Party Politics in South Africa during the part quarter of a century', published by the South African Party, Pretoria
MS 361019Speeches by Mangosutho Gatsha Buthelezi
MMS/PMMSPrimitive Methodist Missionary Society
MS 380120Photocopy of The Choice: A Racially Integrated Fatherland or a White South Africa, Dr. Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd on the Promotion of Bantu Self-government bill, House of Assembly
MMS/17/02/05/03Rev William Chapman
MS 380095Photocopy of 'Crime. The American Negro and the Urban Native in South Africa', by Graham C. B. Bain, Pretoria
MS 418521Photocopy of 'An Appeal to all Christians in the British Empire', published by the British Christian Union
MS 380088Photocopy of 'Dictatorship or Democracy? The Case for Local Option. Let the People Choose', by Rev. Charles Garratt, South African Temperence Alliance, Cape Town
MS 380119Photocopy of 'The Nationalist Party's Great Political Fraud', published by the United Party
MS 380162Photocopy of 'The Order of Ethiopia and its relation to the Church' by Rev. W. Y. Stead, Grahamstown, reprinted from the Africa Monthly, Feb 1908
MS 380096Photocopy of 'Native Housing', by Scott Lindberg, Grahamstown
MS 380104Photocopy of South African Association of European Teachers in Native Educational Institutions Annual Conference, East London
MS 426171Index to minutes of evidence of Native Economic Commission
MS 380170'Some experiences in the Eastern Transvaal' by Geoffrey Townshend Carlisle, rector of the Parish of Barberton, Pretoria, 1932-38
MS 375495Papers of Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje
MS 381151Photograph album relating to Big Batanga [Grand Batanga, Cameroon] and wider West Africa
MS 380310 Correspondence of M. Haarseth
MS 348942Papers of Mary Benson
MMS/17/02/04/05Sergeant John Kendrick
MS 381222Photograph album entitled 'Photos of Natives and their life in South Africa'
MS 380147Photocopy of 'Studies in Zulu law and custom: The Licensing of marriage (uku Jutshwa Kwe 'Zintombi) with a note on the Isi-Godele' by James Stuart, reprinted from the Natal Mercury
MS 418519Photocopy of 'Job Reservations and the trade unions' by Ray Alexander and H.J. Simons, Woodstock
MS 380143Speeches by Mangosutho Gatsha Buthelezi
MMS/17/02/04/07Rev Samuel Young
MMS/17/02/04South Africa
MS 380167Draft of article (unpublished) on apartheid by J. Randolph Vigne
MS 380138Photocopy of 'The Africa Horizon (Impelazwe ya Bantu)',issued as the Christmas Edition of Inkokeli ya Bantu, Capetown
MS 380142Photocopied typescript 'Notes from the Diary of Dr. Alfred Vigne'
MS 380233Photocopy of inventory of Olive Schreiner papers at the Albany Museum, Grahamstown
MS 380216Photocopy of inventory of the William Philip Schreiner collection, Cape Town University Library.
MS 380125Photocopy of 'Nasionalisme as lewensbeskoving en sy verhouidng fot internationalisme', by Nicolaas Diederichs, Bloemfontein
MS 380247Photocopied typescript of South African Decentralisation Board, concessions offered to industrialists at growth points
MS 380184National Development and Management Foundation of South Africa
MS 380081Photocopied typescript of an original manuscript, 'Account of a visit to South Africa', by Rev D. P. Kingham, Rector of Swinford, Co. Mayo
MS 380128'A Forward Native Policy', by J. M. Buckland, reprinted from the 'African Monthly' of Jan 1910, Grahamstown
MMS/17/02/10/03Rev James Calvert
MMS/17/02/04/06Rev Samuel and Mrs Sarah Palmer
MMS/17/02/06/02Mr Samuel Hardey
MS 380168Photocopy of 'Southern African Temperence Convention Report, Cape Town', reprinted from Cape Times
MMS/17/02/04/14Rev William Threlfall
MS 418520Photocopy of 'The Afrikaner-Broederbond: a state within a state'
MS 380117Photocopy of 'South African "Nationalism"', published by the United Party
MS 380158Photocopy of 'A Blackman speaks of Freedom: Poems by Peter [Lee] Abrahams', Durban
MS 380222Photocopy of inventory of papers of Christopher John Bird (1855-1952) at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380196'The Bible in the Xhosa Language', by A. Murray McGregor
MS 380223Photocopy of inventory of Black Sash papers at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380246Transkei Development Corporation information for Potential Investors in Transkei
MS 380116Photocopy of 'The Norwegian Missionary Society: A short review of its work among the Zulus', by Rev. Ole Olsen Stavem, Stravanger
MS 380220Photocopy of inventory of Patrick Duncan papers at the Cape Town University Library
MS 380190Photocopies of articles from 'The Sun', Cape Town, entitled 'Dr. A. Abdurahman: the man and his work' by J. H. Raynard
MS 380232Photocopy of inventory of Symons Papers in Witwatersrand University Library
MS 380228Inventory of papers of Jan Hendrik Hofmeyr at the University of Witwatersrand Library, South Africa
MS 380231Photocopy of inventory of South African Council of Churches in Witwatersrand University Library
MS 345283Obituaries of Allison Wessels George Champion
MS 380123Photocopy of 'The National Coalition Government 1939:1942: Its work for War and Peace', published by the United Party, Pretoria
MS 380221Photocopy of inventory of Sir Thomas Major Cullinan papers at the University of Witswatersrand Library
MS 380257South African Supreme Court
MS 380129Photocopy of The Native Workers on the Witwatersrand Gold Mines, Transvaal Chamber of Mines publication
MS 380688Certificates under Act no. 22 of 1867 (native passes), South Africa.
MAP E 1:9 (1)The south west part of Africa including Monomotapa by Herman Moll published in Bulawayo by Books of Rhodesia Publishing Co
MS 380229Photocopy of inventory of Millin Papers in Witwatersrand University Library
MS 380195South African Missionary Museum
MS 380137'Native Education in the Union of South Africa: A Summary of the report of the commission on Native Education in South Africa - U. G. 53-1951', by K. B. Harsthorne, published by the South African Institute of Race Relations
MS 418621'On trial for their lives: The accused at Rivonia', by Mary Benson
MMS/17/02/04/04Mr William Henry Garner
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MS 380268Papers of Silas Modiri Molema
MMS/17/02/04/15Rev Jacob Links
MS 322057Papers of Helen Mazwell Newham
MS 380100Photocopy of 'The poor white problem in South Africa', Johannesburg
MS 380609South African Police
MS 380226Photocopy of inventory of Richard Feldman papers held at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380264Copies of letters by Walter Benson Rubusana including a report of the deputation appointed by Assembly of Congregational Union of South Africa, 1920
MS 380796'South African Dilemma, 1652-1962', by Laura Longmore
MS 380581Copy of account by an unnamed source [probably Sir David Gill, Astronomer Royal, Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901] of a visit by the Duke and Duchess of York to South Africa in 1901
MS 380082'Shembe - A Biography by Rev. John Langaliba Dube', pub. Shuter & Shooter, Pietermaritzburg, translated into English from Zulu by M. Yengwa, London, 1976
MS 380187Association of Chambers of Commerce of South Africa regarding 'The Implications of Subsidising staple foodstuffs in South Africa - A Preliminary investigation May 1975'.
PP MS 1Papers of Sir William Mackinnon
MS 380248Photocopy of typescript 'Application to establish an industry in an Industrial Growth Point in a Bantu Homeland', Bantu Investment Corporation of South Africa Ltd
MS 380213Photocopy of inventory of papers of Mrs Margaret Livingstone Ballinger presented to the University of Cape Town Library
MS 380113Photocopy of "Dispatch" articles on the political situation in South Africa by Charles Preston Crewe, reprinted from the Daily Dispatch
MS 380084'The Native Trust and Land Bill: Some Constructive Criticisms', published by Continuation Committee on the Native Hills, Cape Town
MS 380126Photocopy of 'To Save the Coloured Race', published by the South African Temperence Alliance
MS 380230Photocopy of inventory of papers of Ossewa Brandwag held at the University of Witwatersrand Library
MS 380124Photocopy of South African Native Policy: an address by George Heaton Nicholls, High Commissioner for the Union of South Africa to a joint meeting of the Royal African Society and the Royal Empire Society in London, 28 Feb 1945, London, reprinted from South Africa
MS 380134Photocopy of 'Ethnic Grouping with Particular reference to its application in Daveyton Bantu Township, Benoni'. An Address to Benoni Rotary Club, by James Edward Mathewson, Director of Non-European affairs, Benoni
MS 380130Photocopy of 'Locations: Health and Sanitation, being an extract from the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health, East London (P. W. Laidier)', 1 Jul 1934 Jun 1935, East London
MS 380090Photocopy of Opening the flood-gates: the report of the Rooth Select Committee on Liquor, Cape Town, reprinted from The Tribune, Jun/Jul
MS 380160Photocopy of Natal Native Teachers Conference Constitution, Dundee, South Africa
MS 380183Photocopy of a typed letter from Alan Paton to [members of the Liberal Party of South Africa]
MS 380131Photocopy of 'Does it pay to educate the Native?', by Rev. Albert E. Le Roy, reprinted from the South African Journal of Science, Jan-Feb 1919
MS 380121Photocopy of 'American Negroes and South African Bantu', by J. E. Holloway, Pretoria
MS 380171Photocopies of four typed circular letters from E. Russell and W. Maude Brayshaw
MS 380111Report of the opening of the South African Native College
MS 380239Photocopy of inventory of papers relating to Chinese about in Rand Mines Ltd, in archives of Rand Mines Ltd
MS 380237Inventory of Zulu Society Collection (1936-48) held in the Natal Archives, Pretoria
MS 380262Photocopy of diary by M. Bennun, and related notes
MS 380102Photocopy of 'What the soldier thinks': results of an attitude test carried out in May 1944 by the South African Army Education Services
MS 380201'An account of experiences as a prisoner on Robben Island', 1962-64 [Transcript of a recording], by George Peake
MS 380227Photocopy of rough list of Hills Papers in Witwatersrand University Library
MS 380089Photocopy of 'Forward or Backward? An Exposition of the Crisis on the Liquor Question in South Africa', Cape Town
MS 380115Photocopy of An Address delivered at the University of Stellenbosch on the 12th, 13th, and 14th Oct 1932, by J. T. Kenyon, on the General Council Administrative System of the Transkeian territories
MS 380261'Preface to opinion on the effects of a banning notice under the suppression of communism act'
MS 380263Photocopy of unpublished biography 'U-Boni Buka Dr. Walter Benson Rubusana' by Rev S. W. T. Luzipho [in Xhosa]
MS 380091Photocopy of 'Kaffir beer halls: the failure of "an experiment"', by Stakesby Lewis
MS 418535Photocopy of 'VnudZulo ha uhathu uhavenda', by A. M. Maliba, Communist Party
MS 380244Photocopy of passport issued to Josiah Tshangana Gumede, President of the African National Congress
MS 361018Autobiographical sketch and transcript of interview
MS 381186Letter by Jane Philip
MAP E 1:7 (4)Bacon's large-print map of South Africa published in London by G W Bacon
MS 380896Papers of Phillip Wade
MS 380214Photocopy of inventory of papers of W. G. Ballinger presented to the University of Cape Town Library, 3 Mar 1971
MS 380266Inventory of S. M. Molema collection of political ephemera relating to the African National Congress, Yale University Library
MS 380094Photocopy of 'Die Ossewa-Brandwag, sy ontstaan, ontwikkeling en Botsing', by Christiaan Rudolph Kotze
MS 380108Photocopy of 'The evolution of South African Native Policy', by J. Y. Gibson, Pietermaritzburg
MS 380112Photocopy of 'Nationalist Party Policy?: a series of extracts from the speeches of its leaders', United Party
MS 380145Photocopy of 'Abantu Batho' Vol.1
MS 380161Photocopy of 'A Women's View of the Transvaal Native Question by an old colonist', Barberton, by Sarah F. Bourhill
MS 380144'The Constitution of the National Cultural Liberation Movement of Inkatha'
MS 380157Photocopy of 'His Majesty's Black Labourers: A Treatise on the camp life, etc. of the S. A. N. L. C.', by Francis Zaccheus, Santiago, Cape Town
MS 380175'Church Agricultural Projects, Natal', [c.1972]; 'Church Agricultural Projects, Dec 1971' by N. L. Alcock; 'Church Agricultural Projects', Sep 1971
MS 380255Progressive Party of South Africa Fact Sheets
MS 380236Inventory of papers of Bishop John William Colenso at the Natal Archives, Pietermaritzburg
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/17/02/04/13Rev John Kilner
MS 380186'My Dark Lady or "How to be inferior in your own group area', by Donald Woods [editor of the East London Daily Dispatch]
MMS/07South Africa
MS 418325'British investment in South Africa: a sample study of firms', by Charles Harvey
MAP E 67:6 (1)Map of the Anglo-Portuguese boundary in East Africa: showing the boundary between the Limpopo and Lundi Rivers as delimited by the Joint Anglo-Portuguese Commission in 1892 and from this latter river to the 18 30 South latitude as demarcated by the Joint Anglo-Portuguese Commission in 1898 GSGS1401/Intelligence Division published in London by the War Office, series reprinted in 1941
MS 380169Photocopy of a pamphlet issued by the Independent Order of True Templars South Eastern Grand Temple on its 10th Anniversary [Grahamstown]
MS 380078Conference on Southern African Labour History
MS 380586Photocopy of letter from Robert Moffat whilst at Kuruman to Thomas Sturge, Northfleet, England
MS 380267Transcript of brief tape recorded description of the papers of J. Randolph Vigne
MS 380156Photocopied extracts from the Natal Employers Association General Council Annual Reports
MS 380265Documents on Southern Africa collected by Ann Tobias
MS 380250'A round table on the dilemma of foreign investment in South Africa', by Joel Carlson
MS 380188South African General Missionary Conference
MS 380661Bibliographies and publications relating to economics in West Africa by Walter Barr Birmingham
MS 380669Cocoa Conference Papers
MS 380251Church of South Africa, Diocese of Damaraland
MS 349204Photocopy of an unpublished typescript by S. Malkinson, 'Afrikaaner Profile', (incl. autobiography)
MS 380087Photocopy of 'Shall wine penetrate our cafes?', by South African Temperence Alliance, Cape Town
MS 380118Photocopy of 'Must We fight?', Communist Party of South Africa, Cape Town
MS 380146Writings on education by Myrtle Berma
MS 380136Papers relating to the Independent Order of True Templars
MS 380122Photocopy of 'Address on the Administration of the Transkeian territories', delivered by Lieutenant-Colonel E. H. W. Muller on the occasion of the visit to Umtata, on 15 Sep 1924, of the delegates elected by the branches of the Empire Parliamentary Association in the Parliaments of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand
MS 380151Photocopy of 'Rev. John Brownlee: a veteran missionary and the founder of King Williamstown', a lecture delivered to the Young Men's Guild in the Baptist Chruch Schoolroom at King Williamstown by Richard William Rose-Innes, Lovedale Mission Press
MS 380148Photocopy of 'The Educated Zulu: Fact vs Theory. A Paper read before the South African General Missionary Conference, Johannesburg, 9 Jul 1906', by Albert E. Le Roy, Dundee, South Africa, [1906]
WOWWar on Want Archive
PP MS 40Papers of George Gordon Hake
CWM/LMS/20/02/04John Mackenzie Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/10William Charles Willoughby Papers
AF95africa95 Archive
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
CCSAChristian Concern for Southern Africa Archive
CWM/LMS/04/08/04Africa Odds: John Philip Papers
CWM/LMS/20/01/02Ralph Wardlaw Thompson Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/01Holloway Helmore Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/05John Campbell Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/06Robert Moffat Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/12John Theodosius Van Der Kemp Papers
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
LIBLiberation Archive
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
MMS/17/02/04/08Rev Barnabas Shaw
MMS/17/02/04/09Rev Samuel Broadbent
MMS/17/02/04/12Rev William Shaw
MMS/17/02/05/02Rev Edwin William Smith
MS 380249Material relating to Africa Bureau
MS 380453Photocopies of manuscript notebooks of Isiah Shembe relating to the Nazarite Church
MS 380813Papers of Alexander Sandilands and Doris Sandilands
PP MS 12Papers of Dr Charles Granston Richards
PP MS 54Papers of Hannah Stanton
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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