Place Name Code9406051
Place NameSouthern Africa
Place EntrySouthern Africa
Grid Reference[-27.11781, 22.28027]

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MS 346184Portuguese Colonies Collection
MS 380565Bantu and other African Languages Collection
MS 380415Duplicate copies of documents of the African National Congress, Northern Rhodesia
MS 256364Bibliography of Basutoland
MS 225864Correspondence of Francis George Hall
MMS/17/02/04/03Mr Robert Snowdall
MMS/17/02/04/02Rev Francis P Gladwin
MS 380675Papers of Cecil Edward Seager
MS 380393Papers of Professor Alice Werner
MS 251438'Jahresnamen der Herero von 1820-1920'
MS 380270Papers of William Charles Anderson
MS 380617Photographs of Central Africa by Harold Edgar Wareham and Rebecca Purves Wareham
MS 380397Papers of Reginald Frederick George Pearce
MS 380311Papers of John Boden Thomson and Elizabeth Thomson
MS 380620Boer War, Boxer Uprising and other press cuttings
MS 380606 Photocopies of notes and photographs relating to Richard Henry Sabin and Mary Gladstone Sabin
MS 380390Zimbabwe-Rhodesia Constitutional Conference Papers
MMS/17/02/04/11Rev William Impey
MS 380478Papers of Professor John D Fage
MS 380319Papers of Mabel Shaw
MMS/17/02/04/10Rev Thomas Jenkins
MS 361019Speeches by Mangosutho Gatsha Buthelezi
MMS/PMMSPrimitive Methodist Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/05/03Rev William Chapman
MS 247364Inventory of Historical Manuscripts, National Archives of Zambia
MS 375495Papers of Solomon Tshekisho Plaatje
MS 380310 Correspondence of M. Haarseth
MS 348942Papers of Mary Benson
MMS/17/02/04/05Sergeant John Kendrick
MS 38120040 glass lantern slides and accompanying script entitled, 'The Life and Work of David Livingstone, Missionary and Explorer', published by permission of the London Missionary Society
MS 381222Photograph album entitled 'Photos of Natives and their life in South Africa'
MMS/17/02/05Central Africa
MS 380143Speeches by Mangosutho Gatsha Buthelezi
MMS/17/02/04/07Rev Samuel Young
MMS/17/02/04South Africa
MS 308427Leverhulme Inter-Collegiate History Conference papers
MS 380208Photocopy 'Easy English for Africans' by Edward Roux reprinted from African Studies
MMS/17/02/10/03Rev James Calvert
MS 380320Papers of Margaret Katherine Sabin
MMS/17/02/04/06Rev Samuel and Mrs Sarah Palmer
MMS/17/02/05/04Rev Sidney Douglas Gray
ICAInter-Church Aid and Refugee Service Archive
MS 381135Papers of Dr Johanna Agthe
MMS/17/02/04/14Rev William Threlfall
USCLUnited Society For Christian Literature Archive
MS 345283Obituaries of Allison Wessels George Champion
PP MS 64Papers of Maurice Alfred Maybury
MS 380692Papers of Harry Undy
MS 380195South African Missionary Museum
MMS/17/02/04/04Mr William Henry Garner
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MS 380268Papers of Silas Modiri Molema
MMS/17/02/04/15Rev Jacob Links
MS 322057Papers of Helen Mazwell Newham
MS 380609South African Police
MS 381298Photographs of Inyati High School, Zimbabwe
MS 380868Papers of Albert Frank Lock and Florence Lock
MS 380896Papers of Phillip Wade
MS 380602 Material relating to Zambia missions
MS 380399Papers of Reginald John Beagarie Moore
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/17/02/04/13Rev John Kilner
MMS/07South Africa
MS 380515Papers of Emily Dora Earthy
MS 380188South African General Missionary Conference
MS 380661Bibliographies and publications relating to economics in West Africa by Walter Barr Birmingham
WOWWar on Want Archive
CWMCouncil for World Mission Archive
PP MS 40Papers of George Gordon Hake
CWM/LMS/20/02/04John Mackenzie Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/10William Charles Willoughby Papers
AF95africa95 Archive
CAChristian Aid Archive
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
CCSAChristian Concern for Southern Africa Archive
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
CWM/CMSCommonwealth Missionary Society
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
CWM/LMS/04/08/04Africa Odds: John Philip Papers
CWM/LMS/20/01/02Ralph Wardlaw Thompson Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/01Holloway Helmore Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/05John Campbell Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/06Robert Moffat Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/11William Harwood Nutt Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/12John Theodosius Van Der Kemp Papers
ICCLAInternational Committee on Christian Literature for Africa Archive
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
LIBLiberation Archive
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
MMS/17/02Biographical papers
MMS/17/02/04/08Rev Barnabas Shaw
MMS/17/02/04/09Rev Samuel Broadbent
MMS/17/02/04/12Rev William Shaw
MMS/17/02/05/02Rev Edwin William Smith
MS 193299Vocabularies of Bantu and Semi-Bantu Languages by Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston
MS 380453Photocopies of manuscript notebooks of Isiah Shembe relating to the Nazarite Church
MS 380813Papers of Alexander Sandilands and Doris Sandilands
MS 380815Papers of Douglas Harman and Gladys Harman
PP MS 6Papers of Thomas Fox-Pitt
PP MS 9Papers of Leonard John Barnes
PP MS 12Papers of Dr Charles Granston Richards
PP MS 27Papers of Professor Malcolm Guthrie
PP MS 43Papers of Dr Archibald Norman Tucker
PP MS 54Papers of Hannah Stanton
PP MS 74Records of the SOAS Restatement of African Law Project
MS 381301Material relating to missionary work of William Govan Robertson & Robert Owen Abel
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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