Place Name Code7729896
Place NameSouth Eastern Asia
Place EntrySouth Eastern Asia
Grid Reference[6.83917, 116.45508]

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MS 40804Comparative vocabularies of 154 words in dialects of Celebes
MS 12153'Vocabularies of the languages of Tahiti, Prince's Island, Sulu, Samarang, New Holland, New Zealand, and Savu'
MS 225724Account of the rebellion in the Thayetmyo District, 1931
MS 93164Instructions for Sumatra, West Coast
MS 380053 Correspondence and articles of Arthur Wedderburn Hartwig Hamilton
PP MS 45Papers of Professor Eugenie Jane Andrina Henderson
MS 380669Cocoa Conference Papers
MMS/17/02/07Burma [Myanmar]
MMS/13China & South East Asia
PP MS 10Philippine Republic Government Collection
MS 380001Burma Regiment: Chin Hills Battalion
MS 169518Malayan Union Committee: Committee on the Qualifications appropriate to Malayan Citizenship
MS 193300 Papers of Henry George Raverty
MS 380588Undang of Jelebu succession
PP MS 14Papers of Sir Charles Stewart Addis
MS 12139A volume containing some material in Malay, Sumatran, Rejang, and Batak
MS 312646Papers of Sir Richard Olaf Winstedt
PP MS 18Papers of Professor Daniel George Edward Hall
MS 380572Journals of Philip Rigby Rounds
MS 380567Philippines political papers
PP MS 31Papers of Wilfred Lawson Blythe
MS 380698Correspondence of Thomas Beighton and Abigail Beighton
MS 40806Vocabularies of dialects of Celebes
MS 339679Letterbook of Sir James George Scott
MS 65989List of Indonesian manuscripts in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
MMS/17/02/06/20Rev James John Ellis
MS 380628Correspondence of Lieutenant Commander Jack F Blackburn
MS 359656Newspaper cuttings of A. W. Hamilton's contributions to the Malayan Press
PP MS 11Papers of William Evans and Alan Custance Baker
PP MS 25Papers of Sir John Mansfield Addis
CWM/LMS/20/03/02James Legge Papers
PP MS 65Papers of Barbara Whittingham Jones
PP MS 33Papers of Tom Pearson Cromwell
PP MS 24Papers of Francis [Frank] Robert Moraes
MS 232296Material relating to Hindu law in India and law in Thailand by Robert Lingat
MS 161000The Conquest, Pacification, and Administration of the Shan States by the British, 1886-1897
MS 12191'Vocabulario de la lengua Bisaya Hiligueyna y Haraia de la Isla de Panai y Sugbu y para las demas Islas...'
MS 12161An original treaty signed 1781 between Oraeng Bontolarkas ('Abd al-H?di) and the Dutch Government at Batavia
MS 40325A Malay-English vocabulary, copied by an English copyist
MS 188534Materials for a bibliography of Burma
MS 11976'Annuae Sinenses annorum 1633 et 1634' (Missio Anamica, sive Tunquinensis. Anno 1634)
MS 40326A Malay-English vocabulary, copied by an English copyist
MS 74353Mon manuscripts in the Bernard Free Library, Rangoon
MS 35851A letter written by Charles Darke to Lord Macartney, together with seven documents dealing with the affairs of the East India Company
MS 380291 Sketch book containing pencil sketches relating to Luke Scott's life and missionary work
MS 12893'Journals of Lieut. Charles Gustavus Walfeldt [Whalfeldt] in the Borneo Schooner to the island of Engano in 1771, [and] on a visit to the saltpetre caves of Cattoun in 1773'
MS 281414List of Indonesian manuscripts in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, revised edition
MS 380308Philosophy in Indonesia
MS 281415List of Indonesian manuscripts in the Library of the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, revised edition
MS 12159Twenty-four papers, including documents, accounts, letters, religious matters, etc.
MMS/17/02/07/01Rev Arthur Henry Bestall
MMS/15Burma [Myanmar]
MS 12156'Vocabularies of languages of Otaheite, New Zealand, Savu, Prince's Island, Samarang, Sulu, Madagascar, the Mandingos, the Eskimos, Malabar, and Peru'
MS 380512Photographs of William Essington Kent and Noel Essington Kent
MS 245983Khami [Khumi]-English and English-Khami dictionary
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
MS 40320The Light Letters
MS 40807Amboyna List
GCGuthrie Corporation Archive
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
PCEPresbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee Archive
MS 380477Serdang Central Plantations Ltd.
LIBLiberation Archive
MS 142584'Red Karen'
MS 46941Notes in English and Malay compiled by Sir W. E. Maxwell on the folklore of Perak and Minangkabau, magic, diagnoses of disease and terms applied to elephants.
PP MS 13Agence France Presse Collection
MS 93165General and Geographical Account of the Honourable English East India Company's Possessions on the West Coast of Sumatra
MS 55278'Double and single adverbs, with adjectives derived there from'
MS 381234Photographs taken by Roy Gibson during his time in Malaya, whilst serving with the Malayan Civil Service
MMS/17/02/09/10Sister Gladys Stephenson
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MS 283792British North Borneo Collection
PP MS 3Papers of Sidney Herbert Ray
CAChristian Aid Archive
MS 381274'The Withdrawal of the China Inland Mission from China and its Redeployment as OMF [Overseas Missionary Fellowship] in East Asia. An Understanding of the Methodology and Decision-Making Process'. A dissertation submitted by David Anthony Huntley by arrangement with Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana, USA, and accredited by the University of Liverpool, UK. In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Theology with an emphasis on Missiology.
MS 65427'A Khami [Khumi] grammar, with English-Khami and Khami-English dictionary'
MS 42791A book of philological and bibliographical notes in Latin and French on various oriental and other languages and literatures, with some notes in French on personal matters.
MS 11959'Arte de la Lengua Tagala, Compuesto por un Religioso del orden de Predicadores'
MS 381320Notebooks on the Malay Peninsula by Dr Charles Otto Blagden
CIM/05Chefoo School Papers
MMS/17/02Biographical Papers
MS 380629Letter from Than Phya Phimon Aisawan, Siamese Governor of Thalang and Than Phya Surintharacha, Siamese Superintendent to Captain Francis Light
PP MS 72English-Malay Dictionary by Charles Cuthbert Brown
JSSJohn Swire & Sons Ltd Archive
MS 196761Two scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings relating to events in Burma
MS 40805Comparative vocabularies of 154 words in dialects of Celebes
MS 138754Papers on the archaeology of Burma
MS 380307'Ahmad Boestamam: An annotated bibliography of writings by him and about him, 1950-74'
MS 168210Malay-Javanese-English dictionary
MS 100132'Muhammadan Laws: an abridgement according to its various schools'
MS 40808Lists of 154 English words, mostly printed, with their equivalents in dialects of the Philippines added in manuscript
MS 215467Annamese language and literature
MS 232536Le politique étrangère du Siam, Thailande, pendant la première période du ministère du Prince Devawongse, 1885-1900. Rapport final présente a la Fédération International de Femmes Diplomées des Universitaires [The foreign policy of Siam, Thailand, during the first period of the Ministry of Prince Devawongse, 1885-1900. Final report to the International Federation of University Women Academics]
MS 12261'Arte de la lengua pampanga'
MS 381206'Khandhapura' [The city of the aggregates], also called "Weng Sauk" [the city of one foot]
MS 46942'Undang Undang'
MS 280476English-Palaung [? Shwe Palaung] dictionary
MS 172599Diary of the Commission to Laroot
PP MS 29Papers of Dr. H. G. A Hughes
PP MS 23Papers of John Sydenham Furnivall
PCE/WMAWomen's Missionary Association
CWM/LMS/20/03/01Robert Morrison Papers
PP MS 19Papers of Professor Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MS 360895Correspondence of Dr Charles Otto Blagden
MS 46943Notes on genealogies of Rajas and Chiefs of Perak in English and Malay compiled by Sir W. E. Maxwell, followed by Chiri or Malay formulas used in the courts of Perak and Brunei (Borneo).
MMS/17/02/09/09Rev Harold Burgoyne Rattenbury
CIM/04/02Papers of Eric Liberty and Edith Liberty
WOWWar on Want Archive
PP MS 26Papers of Ifor Ball Powell
CWMCouncil for World Mission Archive
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