Place Name Code7729889
Place NameEastern Africa
Place EntryEastern Africa
Grid Reference[-0.52734, 36.51855]

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MS 53824History of Pate
MS 380379Catalogue of the Papers of A. T. Matson deposited in the National Archives of Kenya and the Rhodes House Library, Oxford
MS 380565Bantu and other African Languages Collection
MS 380807Ethnographical study of the Kipsigis people of Kenya and an unpublished fictional account of Kipsigis life by Ian Q Orchardson
MS 380566Photocopies of journals of Walter Collins
MS 380335Papers of William Arthur Crabtree
MS 33775'History of High Ethiopia or Abyssia, Empire of the Abyssinians, whose King is commonly known as Prester John'
MS 225864Correspondence of Francis George Hall
MS 380393Papers of Professor Alice Werner
PP MS 38Papers of Dr Melvin Lee Perlman
MS 380311Papers of John Boden Thomson and Elizabeth Thomson
CWM/LMS/20/06/01Elizabeth Lomas Papers
MS 380646Papers of Leslie Whitehouse
MS 380513Papers of Dr Roger Southall
MMS/UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
MS 380606 Photocopies of notes and photographs relating to Richard Henry Sabin and Mary Gladstone Sabin
MS 380711Papers of Sir Archibald Laurence Patrick Kirwan
MS 380685Correspondence of James Cameron
MS 380714Nafka Documents
PP MS 71Papers of Dr Anthony John Arkell
MS 158966The Frontiers of Somalia
MS 53704English-Arabic dictionary of words and phrases used by the Sudanese in Uganda.
MS 275953Photocopies of journals of Arthur Jermy Mounteney Jephson compiled during the Emin Pasha Relief Expedition led by Sir Henry Morton Stanley
MS 381202Press cuttings, articles and reports relating to the coming of independence to East Africa
MS 380320Papers of Margaret Katherine Sabin
ICAInter-Church Aid and Refugee Service Archive
MS 381135Papers of Dr Johanna Agthe
MS 11966'Historia de Ethiopia a alta, ou Abassia: Imperio do Abexim, cujo Rey uulgarmente he chamado Preste Ioam...'
MS 380325Papers of Dr Constance Cousins
PP MS 64Papers of Maurice Alfred Maybury
MS 381280Programmes and memorabilia relating to the performing arts in Nairobi, Kenya, during the 1950s (theatre, ballet, music and operetta)
MMS/17/02/11/01Rev Arthur Joseph Hopkins
SI/EResearch papers relating to Resettlement and Villagisation in Ethiopia
MS 381310Photographs of logging in Tanganyika [Tanzania]
MS 288587Material relating to Madagascar Missions
PP MS 1Papers of Sir William Mackinnon
MS 98372Al-asad. Manuscript Arabic vocabulary with interĀ­linear Harari gloss
MS 380695Papers of Dr Roger Virgoe relating to the University of Khartoum, Sudan
PP MS 42Papers of Professor Wilfred Howell Whiteley
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MS 380599Copy of journal of William Walmsley
MS 380515Papers of Emily Dora Earthy
MS 380619Correspondence and photographs of Margaret Temple
MS 380573Notes on Ugandan languages by Jeremy Lawrance
MS 380680Papers of James Sibree Milledge
WOWWar on Want Archive
CWMCouncil for World Mission Archive
PP MS 40Papers of George Gordon Hake
CWM/LMS/20/02/10William Charles Willoughby Papers
AF95africa95 Archive
CAChristian Aid Archive
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
CWM/LMS/20/06/02Papers of James Sibree and Sibree Family
ICCLAInternational Committee on Christian Literature for Africa Archive
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
LIBLiberation Archive
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
MMS/17/02/05/02Rev Edwin William Smith
MS 12156'Vocabularies of languages of Otaheite, New Zealand, Savu, Prince's Island, Samarang, Sulu, Madagascar, the Mandingos, the Eskimos, Malabar, and Peru'
MS 193280Notebooks on grammar and vocabulary by Roy Clive Abraham
MS 193299Vocabularies of Bantu and Semi-Bantu Languages by Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston
MS 380616Autobiographical notebooks of James Sibree
PP MS 9Papers of Leonard John Barnes
PP MS 12Papers of Dr Charles Granston Richards
PP MS 17Papers of Dr George Wynn Brereton Huntingford
PP MS 20Papers of John Willoughby Tarleton Allen
PP MS 27Papers of Professor Malcolm Guthrie
PP MS 28Papers of Gledhill Stanley Blatch
PP MS 43Papers of Dr Archibald Norman Tucker
PP MS 46Papers of Rev Andrew Hake
PP MS 54Papers of Hannah Stanton
PP MS 56Papers of Diane Noakes
PP MS 57Papers of Dr Marguerite K Jellicoe
PP MS 60Papers of Professor Sir James Norman Dalrymple Anderson
PP MS 63Hardyman Madagascar Collection
PP MS 74Records of the SOAS Restatement of African Law Project
PP MS 79Papers of Richard Baron
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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