Place Name Code7729885
Place NameWestern Africa
Place EntryWestern Africa
Grid Reference[18.31281, -4.83398]

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PP MS 41Records of the Kaduna Housing Survey
MMS/17/02/03/03Rev Thomas Rowland
MS 380669Cocoa Conference Papers
ICCLAInternational Committee on Christian Literature for Africa Archive
MS 380332 Photocopies of documents relating to William Eakin
MMS/17/02/03/22Rev John Henry Hirst
MMS/17/02/03/16Rev George D Mason
MMS/17/02/03/04Mr Isaac Clarke
MS 380402Journal and papers of Henry Lyon
PP MS 74Records of the SOAS Restatement of African Law Project
MMS/17/02/03/09Rev Robert Dillon
MS 381242Correspondence of Rev John Beech and Joke Beech
MMS/17/02/03/10Rev Thomas Birch Freeman
MMS/17/02/03/18Mr William Sanders
MS 380483Papers of Dr Melville Douglas Mackenzie
MMS/UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
MS 380587Photocopy of diary of Rev Robert Brooking
WSCWestern Sahara Campaign Archive
MS 380596Papers of Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke
MMS/17/02/03/12Rev William Broadbent Luddington
MMS/17/02/03/02Rev & Mrs George O Wrigley
MMS/17/02/03/23James Will
MS 380621Correspondence of Mary Mitchell Slessor
PP MS 50Papers of Frederick William Parsons
MMS/17/02/03/21Rev Edgar Wesley Thompson
MS 193280Notebooks on grammar and vocabulary by Roy Clive Abraham
MS 380661Bibliographies and publications relating to economics in West Africa by Walter Barr Birmingham
MMS/17/02/03/19Mr Joseph Rhodes Dunwell
MMS/PMMSPrimitive Methodist Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/03/06Rev Thomas Raston
MMS/17/03/01Anti-Slavery Papers
MS 380641Journals of Humphrey Fisher
MS 325957Press Actions
MS 321463Nigerian Civil War Collection
MMS/17/02/03/15Rev Thomas John McKenzie & Mrs Nella J McKenzie
PP MS 9Papers of Leonard John Barnes
MMS/17/02/03/17Rev William Garfield Waterworth
MS 380610 Photocopies of articles by Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford
PP MS 36Papers of Jean Boyd
MS 12156'Vocabularies of languages of Otaheite, New Zealand, Savu, Prince's Island, Samarang, Sulu, Madagascar, the Mandingos, the Eskimos, Malabar, and Peru'
MMS/17/02/03/08Rev William Terry Coppin
MS 381135Papers of Dr Johanna Agthe
MMS/17/02/03/11Rev Robert & Mrs Margaret Fairley
MMS/17/02/03/20Rev William Hare Findlay
MMS/17/02/03/26Christopher Thackray Eddy and Margaret Eddy
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
MMS/17/02/03/07Rev Benjamin Tregaskis
LIBLiberation Archive
MS 173088'Gold Coast papers'
PP MS 59Papers of Frederick William Migeod
MS 282539Research papers of Edward William Bovill on missions to the Niger
PP MS 53Club de Dakar Archive
MMS/17/02/03West Africa
MCF/14Committee for Peace in Nigeria archive
MMS/17/02/03/05Rev Henry Badger
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MMS/17/02/03/13Rev John Beecham
PP MS 43Papers of Dr Archibald Norman Tucker
MS 380252Material relating to the Republic of Biafra
CAChristian Aid Archive
MMS/17/02/03/25Elizabeth Golby
MMS/17/02Biographical Papers
MS 380827 Papers of Ian Archibald Walsworth-Bell relating to the Nigerian Civil War
MS 193299Vocabularies of Bantu and Semi-Bantu Languages by Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston
MS 380574Material by David Gamble on the Fula [Fulah] language
MMS/17/02/03/14Rev William Turnbull Balmer
MS 48052Waqan Muhammadu Baqo na Sokoto
MS 380873Material relating to the Bank of British West Africa
MS 40792Copy of West African vocabularies by William Winwood Reade and Nubian vocabularies by Charles Samuel Myers
MS 380516Papers of George Percival Bargery
PP MS 73Papers of Professor David Whitehorn Arnott
MS 381226Scrapbook on the Ashanti Expedition, 1895-1896
MS 380668Correspondence and accounts of Thomas Pyne
AF95africa95 Archive
PP MS 35Papers of Dr Robert Benjamin Ageh Wellesley Cole
MS 380758 Papers of Emily Godfrey
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/06West Africa
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MMS/17/02/03/28Olive Osborn
MMS/17/02/03/27Rev Dennis Williams
MMS/17/02/03/24Amelia Isham Jackman
PP MS 15Papers of Margaret Mackeson Green
WOWWar on Want Archive
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