Place Name Code337996
Place NameEthiopia
Place EntryEthiopia/Africa

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MS 33775'History of High Ethiopia or Abyssia, Empire of the Abyssinians, whose King is commonly known as Prester John'
MS 380711Papers of Sir Archibald Laurence Patrick Kirwan
MS 380162Photocopy of 'The Order of Ethiopia and its relation to the Church' by Rev. W. Y. Stead, Grahamstown, reprinted from the Africa Monthly, Feb 1908
MS 381039'A Comparison of the Culture of the Falashas (Beta-Israel) of Ethiopia up to 1973 with the Culture of Immigrant Falashas (Beta-Israel) in Israel after 1973 with notes on their adaption in Israel' by David Konigsberg
SISurvival International Archive (Resettlement and Villagisation in Ethiopia Papers)
MS 11966'Historia de Ethiopia a alta, ou Abassia: Imperio do Abexim, cujo Rey uulgarmente he chamado Preste Ioam...'
PP MS 64Papers of Maurice Alfred Maybury
SI/EResearch papers relating to Resettlement and Villagisation in Ethiopia
MS 380734'Chronicle of Ethiopia'
MAP E 58 (189-1)Carta dimostrativa della Etiopia [Ethiopia] in 6 fogli e 2 aggiunte all sacla di 1:1,000,000 compilata dal Capitano di Stato Maggiore Enrico de Chaurand published in Rome by the Minster of War
MAP E 58 (189-2)Carta dimostrativa dell'Ethiopia [by Capitano di Stato Maggiore Enrico de Chaurand]
MS 380619Correspondence and photographs of Margaret Temple
WOWWar on Want Archive
MS 41383A composite manuscript in Ge'ez (Ethiopic) in several hands, including a variety of religious texts, the Ethiopian calendar, and passages from Scripture with comments
AF95africa95 Archive
CAChristian Aid Archive
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
LIBLiberation Archive
PP MS 28Papers of Gledhill Stanley Blatch
PP MS 74Records of the SOAS Restatement of African Law Project
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