Place Name Code2635167
Place NameUnited Kingdom
Place EntryUnited Kingdom/Europe

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MS 380612Commission of Enquiry into the Facilities for Oriental, Slavonic, East European and African Studies
MS 380736Papers of Robert Inkster
MS 380311Papers of John Boden Thomson and Elizabeth Thomson
CWM/LMS/20/06/01Elizabeth Lomas Papers
CWM/LMS/20/08/05Alfred Thomas Saville Papers
MMS/UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/03/16Rev George D Mason
MMS/17/02/02/13Mr John Brown senior
MMS/17/02/10/08Mr John and Mrs Sarah Thomas
MMS/PMMSPrimitive Methodist Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/06/09Rev Thomas Cryer
MMS/17/02/06/23Isobel Chalmers Giles
MMS/17/02/02/12Rev Samuel Goodyer
MMS/17/02/04/05Sergeant John Kendrick
USCL/RTSReligious Tract Society
MMS/17/02/06/07Mr Elija Hoole
MMS/17/02/08/01Rev Benjamin Clough
MMS/17/02/02/17Rev Edmund Lockyer
MMS/17/02/09/02Rev David Hill
MMS/17/02/09/01Rev George William Sheppard
MMS/17/02/04/07Rev Samuel Young
MS 380651Correspondence of Benjamin Pratt
MMS/17/02/02/14Rev William Dowson
MMS/17/02/04/06Rev Samuel and Mrs Sarah Palmer
CWM/LMS/20/01/06Frank Lenwood Papers
ICAInter-Church Aid and Refugee Service Archive
MMS/17/02/10/06Rev Henry Hanson Turton
MMS/17/02/04/14Rev William Threlfall
MMS/17/02/11/01Rev Arthur Joseph Hopkins
MS 381103'Home Support for Overseas Missions in Early Victorian England c.1838-1873'
MS 380725Diary of William Fidler
MS 380668Correspondence and accounts of Thomas Pyne
MMS/17/02/02/19Rev Thomas Herbert Kidd
MMS/17/02/03/24Amelia Isham Jackman
MS 380758 Papers of Emily Godfrey
MS 380645Papers relating to William Lockhart (transcripts and biography)
MMS/17/02/00/03Rev Dr Thomas Coke
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/17/02/04/13Rev John Kilner
MMS/17/02/10/04Rev John Hunt & family
MMS/17/02/06/27Mary Ruth Anstey
MMS/17/02/10/02Rev John Hewgill Bumby
MMS/17/02/03/28Olive Osborn
MSMMedical Services Ministries Archive
MMS/17/02/08/02Rev William Ault
MMS/17/02/09/21Rev Leslie Pacey & Mrs Mildred Pacey
WOWWar on Want Archive
BAJSBritish Association for Japanese Studies Archive
CAChristian Aid Archive
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
CCASACo-ordinating Council for Area Studies Associations Archive
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
CWM/LMS/04/08/04Africa Odds: John Philip Papers
CWM/LMS/20/02/05John Campbell Papers
CWM/LMS/20/03/01Robert Morrison Papers
CWM/LMS/20/03/02James Legge Papers
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
INTInterserve Archive
JEBJapan Evangelistic Band Archive
LHLebanon Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders Archive
MMS/17/02/02/11Rev & Mrs George F Swinnerton
MMS/17/02/02/18Rev William Solomon
MMS/17/02/04/09Rev Samuel Broadbent
MMS/17/02/04/12Rev William Shaw
MMS/17/02/05/02Rev Edwin William Smith
MMS/17/02/08/04Rev Dr Adam Clarke
MMS/17/02/08/07Rev James Lynch
MMS/17/02/10/05Rev Richard Burdsall Lyth
MMS/17/02/10/07Mr Joseph Orton
MS 380570Material relating to Rev Forbes Scott Tocher
MS 380583 Transcripts relating to Robert Morrison
MS 380616Autobiographical notebooks of James Sibree
PP MS 54Papers of Hannah Stanton
USCL/USCLSUnited Society for Christian Literature (Scotland)
WSCWestern Sahara Campaign Archive
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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