Place Name Code2635167
Place NameUnited Kingdom
Place EntryUnited Kingdom/Europe

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MS 380570Material relating to Rev Forbes Scott Tocher
MMS/17/02/03/16Rev George D Mason
MMS/17/02/09/02Rev David Hill
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
CWM/LMS/20/06/01Elizabeth Lomas Papers
MSMMedical Services Ministries Archive
USCL/USCLSUnited Society for Christian Literature (Scotland)
MS 380612Commission of Enquiry into the Facilities for Oriental, Slavonic, East European and African Studies
MMS/17/02/04/09Rev Samuel Broadbent
MS 381103'Home Support for Overseas Missions in Early Victorian England c.1838-1873'
MMS/17/02/04/06Rev Samuel and Mrs Sarah Palmer
MMS/UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
MS 380736Papers of Robert Inkster
WSCWestern Sahara Campaign Archive
CCASACo-ordinating Council for Area Studies Associations Archive
MMS/17/02/06/07Mr Elija Hoole
MS 380616Autobiographical notebooks of James Sibree
CWM/LMS/20/03/02James Legge Papers
MMS/17/02/08/02Rev William Ault
LHLebanon Hospital for Mental and Nervous Disorders Archive
MMS/17/02/04/05Sergeant John Kendrick
MS 380311Papers of John Boden Thomson and Elizabeth Thomson
MS 380645Papers relating to William Lockhart (transcripts and biography)
MMS/17/02/09/01Rev George William Sheppard
ICAInter-Church Aid and Refugee Service Archive
MMS/17/02/10/04Rev John Hunt & family
MMS/PMMSPrimitive Methodist Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/06/09Rev Thomas Cryer
MMS/17/02/04/07Rev Samuel Young
MS 380583 Transcripts relating to Robert Morrison
MS 380725Diary of William Fidler
PP MS 54Papers of Hannah Stanton
BAJSBritish Association for Japanese Studies Archive
MMS/17/02/02/12Rev Samuel Goodyer
MMS/17/02/08/04Rev Dr Adam Clarke
MMS/17/02/08/01Rev Benjamin Clough
MMS/17/02/10/08Mr John and Mrs Sarah Thomas
MMS/17/02/02/18Rev William Solomon
MMS/17/02/02/14Rev William Dowson
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
MMS/17/02/02/11Rev & Mrs George F Swinnerton
MMS/17/02/10/02Rev John Hewgill Bumby
CWM/LMS/20/01/06Frank Lenwood Papers
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MMS/17/02/10/05Rev Richard Burdsall Lyth
MMS/17/02/04/13Rev John Kilner
MMS/17/02/05/02Rev Edwin William Smith
MS 380651Correspondence of Benjamin Pratt
JEBJapan Evangelistic Band Archive
MMS/17/02/10/07Mr Joseph Orton
MMS/17/02/02/13Mr John Brown senior
MMS/17/02/10/06Rev Henry Hanson Turton
CWM/LMS/20/08/05Alfred Thomas Saville Papers
CAChristian Aid Archive
CWM/LMS/04/08/04Africa Odds: John Philip Papers
INTInterserve Archive
USCL/RTSReligious Tract Society
MS 380668Correspondence and accounts of Thomas Pyne
MMS/17/02/00/03Rev Dr Thomas Coke
MS 380758 Papers of Emily Godfrey
CWM/LMS/20/03/01Robert Morrison Papers
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/17/02/02/17Rev Edmund Lockyer
MMS/17/02/04/12Rev William Shaw
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MMS/17/02/11/01Rev Arthur Joseph Hopkins
MMS/17/02/08/07Rev James Lynch
MMS/17/02/03/28Olive Osborn
MMS/17/02/04/14Rev William Threlfall
MMS/17/02/02/19Rev Thomas Herbert Kidd
MMS/17/02/06/23Isobel Chalmers Giles
MMS/17/02/03/24Amelia Isham Jackman
MMS/17/02/06/27Mary Ruth Anstey
MMS/17/02/09/21Rev Leslie Pacey & Mrs Mildred Pacey
WOWWar on Want Archive
CWM/LMS/20/02/05John Campbell Papers
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