Place Name Code2300660
Place NameGhana
Place EntryGhana/Africa

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MS 380889Plays and journals by Professor Robert Fraser
MS 381079Transcript of a diary of Elizabeth Brooking, wife of the Wesleyan Methodist missionary Robert Brooking
MS 381115'L'implantation du methodisme en Cote de l'Or au XIXe siecle: Strategies d'evangelisation et modalites de diffusion (1835-1847)'
MAP E 19:20 Cape CoastPlan of Cape Coast Town [Ghana] by W T G Lawson; dedicated by permission to His Excellency Sir Garnet J Wolseley, Major General commanding the Ashanti expedition 1873-74 published in London by Waterlow
MMS/17/02/03/17Rev William Garfield Waterworth
MS 380326Notes of E. D. Roberts, 1982, describing the development of education in pre-independent Africa, written from his experience in the Gold Coast [Ghana], West Africa, 1947-1955
MS 380641Journals of Humphrey Fisher
MS 380891Handwritten History book of the Ewe people of West Africa
MS 380610 Photocopies of articles by Joseph Ephraim Casely Hayford
MS 381151Photograph album relating to Big Batanga [Grand Batanga, Cameroon] and wider West Africa
MS 381242Correspondence of Rev John Beech and Joke Beech
MS 380631Photocopies of sketches and photographs of the excavation at Ahinsan, Ghana
MS 173088'Gold Coast papers'
MMS/17/02/03/13Rev John Beecham
MMS/17/02/03/19Mr Joseph Rhodes Dunwell
MMS/17/02/03/10Rev Thomas Birch Freeman
MS 380596Papers of Sir Charles Noble Arden-Clarke
MMS/17/02/03/08Rev William Terry Coppin
MMS/17/02/03/02Rev & Mrs George O Wrigley
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MS 380668Correspondence and accounts of Thomas Pyne
MS 380587Photocopy of diary of Rev Robert Brooking
MMS/17/02/03/24Amelia Isham Jackman
MS 381041Transcript of the diaries of Elizabeth Brooking, wife of the Wesleyan Methodist missionary Robert Brooking
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MMS/06West Africa
MMS/17/02/03/03Rev Thomas Rowland
MMS/17/02/03/14Rev William Turnbull Balmer
MS 380661Bibliographies and publications relating to economics in West Africa by Walter Barr Birmingham
PP MS 59Papers of Frederick William Migeod
AF95africa95 Archive
CAChristian Aid Archive
IMC-CBMSInternational Missionary Council and Conference of British Missionary Societies Archive
MMS/17/02/03/07Rev Benjamin Tregaskis
MMS/17/02/03/26Christopher Thackray Eddy and Margaret Eddy
MS 381226Scrapbook on the Ashanti Expedition, 1895-1896
PP MS 16Papers of William Gawan Sewell
PP MS 28Papers of Gledhill Stanley Blatch
PP MS 35Papers of Dr Robert Benjamin Ageh Wellesley Cole
PP MS 74Records of the SOAS Restatement of African Law Project
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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