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Place NameJapan
Place EntryJapan/Asia

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JSPJohn Sparks Ltd Archive
MS 380657Postcard from Daisy Smith to Private E. Jenkins via the Japanese Red Cross.
MS 380801Photocopies of typescript letters from Annie Bunker relating to the Japan Rescue Mission printed and published in the Brixton Orphanage Guild Papers
MS 239639Photograph album depicting life in an unnamed school in Japan
MS 380900'Review of recent Work on Primitive Japanese Shinto', by G. B. Stigant
MS 381144Photograph album of daily life in Japan
JSSJohn Swire & Sons Ltd Archive
MAP D95:22 (1)Hitachi no kuni zenzu
MAP D 95 (175)'Carte de L'Empire du Japon par Mr Bellin Ing[enieu]r de la Marine de France'
MMS/17/02/09/11Florence E Gooch
MS 48095Photograph Album of Scenes and Portraits from Japan
MS 380590Photocopies of material relating to Samuel Evans Meech
MS 381153Album of commercial postcards of Japan and Taiwan
CHASChina Association Archive
JSS/1/3Partners' and Directors' Letters
MS 380694Publications of J Martin
JSS/2/1Butterfield and Swire Shanghai, Private Office Letters In
JSS/1/4John Swire and Sons Letters In
MS 380512Photographs of William Essington Kent and Noel Essington Kent
CIM/05Chefoo School Papers
BAJSBritish Association for Japanese Studies Archive
PP MS 80Papers of Janet Dann
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
JEBJapan Evangelistic Band Archive
JSS/2/4Butterfield and Swire Property
PP MS 13Agence France Presse Collection
MS 85146Kokin wakashu [Anthology of Japanese Poetry Ancient and Modern]
MS 55942Kankai Ibun-ki [Strange Tales of a Circumnavigation]
MS 72820Reisai yawa [Chinese: Lengzhai yehua] [Evening Discourses from the Cold Studio]
MS 41681English Luchu vocabulary
MS 63179'Voyage au Japon, par le colonel d'état-major Du Pin, chef du service topographique en Chine'
MS 11117'Vocabulary of the language spoken on the island called Great Lieou-Kieou or Lieuchew [? Okinawa in the Ryukyu Islands], to which are added sentences, proper names and other miscellaneous remarks illustrative of the language'
MS 380381Collection of typescripts of articles on myths, mysticism, luck symbols and traditional beliefs of Japan
MS 380329Papers on Edo Culture
MS 86566Chosen shisetsu gyoretsu zukan [Procession of Korean Ambassadors]
F MAP D 1:4 (2)Stanford's map of eastern China, Japan and Korea: the seat of war in 1894 published in London by E Stanford
MS 41853'Heiji Monogatari' [Tale of the Heiji Insurrection] and Hogen Monogatari [Tale of the Hogen Insurrection]
MAP D 1:4 (23)Japan, the islands of Loochoo and Formosa [Taiwan] and the maritime provinces of China with the tract of Morrison's voyage in 1837 published in [London] by J Arrowsmith
MAP D 95 (189-1)General railway map of Japan published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 95:5 (3)Map of Central Japan shewing the route of the main trunk lines of railway between Tokio (Yedo) [Tokyo], Kioto [Kyoto] and North Coast published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 95 (188)Map of Japan engraved at Toyodo Engraving Office, Tokyo for Murray's handbook and published in London
MAP D 95 (186)General map of part of Japan published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 95 (189)Topographical map of the Japanese Empire published [Tokyo] by the Imperial Geological Survey of Japan
MAP D 95 (52)[Topogaraphical survey of Japan] published in Tokyo by Rikuchi Sokuryu-bu, Land Survey Department
MAP D 95 (53)[Topographical survey of Japan] published in Tokyo by the Imperial Geological Survey of Japan
CGPCChinese Government Purchasing Commission Archive
JSS/2/5Butterfield and Swire Accounts Letters
JSS/3/10China Navigation Company Eastern General Letters
JSS/5/1Taikoo Sugar Refinery General Letters
JSS/1/1John Swire and Sons Out Letters
JSS/1/2John Swire and Sons Letters In: From Butterfield & Swire
JSS/2/9Butterfield & Swire Japan
JSS/1/6John Swire and Sons Property
MS 50281'Kritische Durchsicht der von Dawidow verfassten Wörtersammlung aus der Sprache der Aino's'
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