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Place NameChina
Place EntryChina/Asia

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JSPJohn Sparks Ltd Archive
MS 380876Photograph albums and related material of John Charles Oswald
MS 380693Material relating to missionary work of Rev Charles Fairclough
MS 380713Religious Tract Society Posters
MS 380671Letter from Miles Lampson, British Empire Delegation to H. G. W. Woodhead regarding China Year Book
MS 380650Photocopies of presscuttings from the 'Illustrated London News', 1866-68, and an offprint from 'Chugoku-Shakai to Bunka', No.9 June 1994, relating to Chinese Missions to England
MS 380785Photocopy of letter from Alice Sibree, Hong Kong, to Ernest describing the trip up the North River with Mr and Mrs Robinson of the Wesleyan Mission and of her imminent departure from Hong Kong to England via Siberia
MS 380579'The inclusion and exclusion of foreigners in the development of the Modern School System in China, 1895-1911', by Hugh Osborne, MA in Far East Area Studies, SOAS, 1989
MS 380726'How the Gospel came to South East Shanxi', by Dr Norman Cliff
MS 380719Title deeds to property in Hong Kong and Shanghai
MS 380752'The Story of Eric Liddell', produced by RBC Ministries and presented by Day of Discovery and David McCasland
MS 380799Letters from Miss Lily Dora Graves, who served with the Assemblies of God in Milo Xian, Yunnan province, China, to her father and to her sisters Minnie and Kizzie, describing daily living in China
MS 380731Buddhist text
MS 381159'A Record of Heroism: The Story of the Boys' Brigade in China'
MS 380511 Godsil Family Photographs
MS 380582Correspondence and notes of Arthur J Moore-Bennett
CIM/04/01/15Papers relating to W. H. Warren
MS 380736Papers of Robert Inkster
MS 380899Records of a visit to China by the Society for Anglo-Chinese Understanding, July 1976
MS 380583 Transcripts relating to Robert Morrison
PP MS 30Papers of Professor William Sheldon Ridge and Frances Ridge
MS 381080Scrapbook of cuttings on the Boxer Rebellion
MS 380401Correspondence of David McLean
MS 380638Papers of Rev R Elliott Kendall
MS 380821'A Chinese Antique Dealer Remembers'
MS 380594Correspondence and records of marriage settlement of Dr James Johnston and Margeret Johnston
MS 380578'Informal Empire in Crisis: British Diplomacy and the Chinese Customs Succession, 1927-1929'
MS 380822 Correspondence of Mary Dorothea Hughes
MMS/17/02/09/19Winifred Hardy
PP MS 82Papers of Reginald Follett Codrington Hedgeland
MS 380901Copies of photographs belonging to Alice Whittome, missionary with the China Inland Mission
MS 258361Correspondence of George H Fitzroy
MS 132138Minnen fran Orvar Karlbecks samlarfard i kina, 1928-1929
MS 145609Papers of Professor Evangeline Dora Edwards
MS 380570Material relating to Rev Forbes Scott Tocher
MS 380451Diaries of Sir Chaloner Alabaster
MS 380892Journal of a Voyage to China by James Dow
MS 381145Photograph albums, possibly missionary in origin, relating principally to China
MS 380787Chinese marriage certificates
MS 380897Photographs of Peking, early 20th century
MS 381191Letter to Mrs Spring (Surrey, England) from 'Hugh' (Emmanuel Hospital, Nanning, July 15th)
MMS/17/02/09/12Lois Thorne
MS 381156Papers relating to Eric Liddell
MS 380334Papers of John Baker Carpenter
CIM/04/02Papers of Eric Liberty and Edith Liberty
MS 380910McCarthy Family Papers
MS 211355Correspondence of Sir Francis Arthur Aglen
JSSJohn Swire & Sons Ltd Archive
MS 381083'Medical Missionaries in Republican China: The Shantou Mission Hospitals, 1918-1937'
MS 381063Correspondence of Rev Samuel Withers Green
MS 381104Papers of Rev Joseph Stonehouse
MMS/17/02/09/16Rev Charles Wilfrid Allan
MS 380482Diaries of Wilson Herbert Geller and Mabel Love Geller
MS 380817Scrapbooks relating to Dr Ruth Massey
MS 380725Diary of William Fidler
MS 380906Correspondence of Charles Collingwood Roberts
MMS/17/02/09/11Florence E Gooch
PCE/WMAWomen's Missionary Association
MMS/17/02/09/04Jane Catherine Radcliffe
MS 380893Papers of Herbert John Mason, Missionary for the China Inland Mission
MS 380645Papers relating to William Lockhart (transcripts and biography)
MS 380820Accounts of the lives and work of Mildred Cable, Evangeline French and Francesca French, missionaries in China and the Gobi Desert by Professor Glenn Henry Timmermans
MS 380052Papers of F. Alan Robinson
MS 380302Mann Papers
MS 381095'The Withdrawal of the China Inland Mission from China and the Redeployment to New Fields in East Asia'
MS 380627Photocopies of correspondence of Edith M Lucas
MS 380715 Records relating to property interests in Chefoo [Yantai], China held by Fergusson & Co
MMS/17/02/09/14Margaret Crabtree (David Hill Girls' School, Hanyang)
JSS/9/6Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Co Registers
MMS/17/02/06/27Mary Ruth Anstey
MS 381077Interviews by Dr Jocelyn Chatterton with former Protestant missionaries in China
MS 381157Photographs collected or taken by Rev Ian Ralph Matheson Latto
MS 380476Legge Family Papers
CIM/04/01/05Papers relating to Percy Cunningham Mather
MS 380590Photocopies of material relating to Samuel Evans Meech
MS 381099'Pilgrims and Strangers: The China Inland Mission in Britain, Canada, The United States and China 1865-1900'
MS 380730Papers of Sir Lionel Henry Lamb
PP MS 52Research papers of Patrick Devereux Coates on British Consular Officers in China
MS 211081Copy correspondence of Sir Robert Hart to Sir Francis Aglen
MMS/17/02/09/02Rev David Hill
MS 380866Postcard entitled 'Three China Veterans'
MS 380600Photographs of the King's Birthday Parade held on 3-4 June 1927 in Shanghai
MS 380628Correspondence of Lieutenant Commander Jack F Blackburn
CIM/04/03Papers of Henrietta Withers
CHASChina Association Archive
CWM/LMS/20/03/03Esther Hope-Bell Papers
MMSL MSSMethodist Missionary Society Library Manuscripts
MS 380584Roberts Memorial Hospital Photographs
CWM/LMS/20/03/04Marjorie Clements Papers
MS 380723'Four Women, Four Wars'
CWM/LMS/20/03/07William Lockhart Papers
JSS/1/11John Swire & Sons Board Papers
JSS/7/1Tientsin Lighter Co General Correspondence
JSS/1/9John Swire and Sons Personal Papers
JSS/11/2Steamship Companies Papers and Annual Reports.
MMS/17/02/09/08Rev Samuel Pollard
CIM/03Papers of James Hudson Taylor
MS 380049China Inland Mission photographic album
CIM/04/04Papers of Frederick Howard Taylor
MS 380686Parsons Family Papers
MS 381161'The Ministry of Women in the China Inland Mission and the Overseas Missionary Fellowship 1920-1990' by Valerie Griffiths
JSS/7/2Tientsin Lighter Company Accounts Letters
JSS/4/3Coast Boats Ownery and China Navigation Co Coastal Steamers Accounts
JSS/5/3Taikoo Sugar Refinery Accounts Letters
JSS/1/3Partners' and Directors' Letters
JSS/1/5John Swire and Sons Limited Staff
JSS/2/12/1Butterfield & Swire Company Histories and Events
JSS/3/2Shanghai General Letters
JSS/3/6China Navigation Company Accounts
JSS/3/17China Navigation Company Minute Books and Registers
CWM/LMS/20/01/02Ralph Wardlaw Thompson Papers
MMS/UMMSUnited Methodist Missionary Society
MS 380576Photocopy of a letter from John C Oswald to his younger brother Herbert C Oswald, describing events in Foochow, China during the rebellion against the Manchu, 10 Nov 1911
MS 380074 Journals of John Smith
MS 380694Publications of J Martin
JSS/3/19New Guinea Australia Line
JSS/2/1Butterfield and Swire Shanghai, Private Office Letters In
JSS/5/2Taikoo Sugar Refinery Property
JSS/10/3Swire & Maclaine Staff
MS 381103'Home Support for Overseas Missions in Early Victorian England c.1838-1873'
MMS/17/02/09/13Rev Clement Noble Mylne
JSS/3/7China Navigation Company Staff
JSS/3/14China Navigation Co Tonnage and Ships Specifications
JSS/1/4John Swire and Sons Letters In
JSS/1/7John Swire and Sons Annual Reports and Accounts
JSS/1/8John Swire and Sons Deeds and Legal Papers
MS 380512Photographs of William Essington Kent and Noel Essington Kent
MS 380564Correspondence of Teddy Wedlock and Dora Wedlock
PP MS 2Papers of Sir Frederick Maze
CWM/LMS/20/01/06Frank Lenwood Papers
MMS/17/02/09/05Rev William Arthur Cornaby
PP MS 49Scott Family Papers
CWM/LMS/20/03/01Robert Morrison Papers
CIM/04/01/14Memoirs of Miss Charlotte Tippett
CIM/04/05Papers of Anthony James Broomhall
CIM/05Chefoo School Papers
MS 380756 Correspondence of Sophia Knight
PCEPresbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee Archive
MS 211353Correspondence of James Duncan Campbell to Sir Robert Hart
MMS/17/02/09/07Rev William Edward Soothill
CWM/LMS/20/03/02James Legge Papers
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MMS/17/02/09/10Sister Gladys Stephenson
MS 381195Fan presented by Henry Puyi, the last Emperor of China, to his tutor Sir Reginald Johnston
MS 381171Copy photographs of Frederick Everard Baguley and Ming Te Baguley
PP MS 11Papers of William Evans and Alan Custance Baker
MS 380642Letter from TGW [Tom Gear Willett] from the China Inland Mission at Chung King, describing rioting in the region and including translations of a number of proclamations
MS 381192Material relating to Emmanuel Hospital, Nanning, South China
MS 380620Boer War, Boxer Uprising and other press cuttings
MS 211354Correspondence of Guy Francis Hamilton Acheson and Cecil Arthur Verner Bowra to Sir Robert Hart
MS 381122Diaries of Godfrey Hirst
MS 380683Photocopies of correspondence of Lancelot Lawford
PP MS 16Papers of William Gawan Sewell
MS 380697Papers of John Emmett Woodall relating to Tientsin Grammar School
MMS/17/02/09/17[Dorothy Jean Purry]
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
MS 380690Correspondence of Samuel Pollard
CWM/LMSLondon Missionary Society
MS 380815Papers of Douglas Harman and Gladys Harman
USCL/RTSReligious Tract Society
USCL/USCLSUnited Society for Christian Literature (Scotland)
PP MS 14Papers of Sir Charles Stewart Addis
MS 62612Chen Shu huahui [Album of flower paintings]
MS 380912Correspondence of Dr Cecil John Davenport
MS 291571Papers of Gladys Aylward
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MS 282377China photographs taken by Richard Henry Lovelock Lee
JSS/2/4Butterfield and Swire Property
MMS/17/02/09/06Rev William Bridie
JSS/1/10John Swire and Sons Business Reviews and Reports
MMS/13China & South East Asia
MS 381056Douthwaite-Groves Papers
MS 145610Notes of J. K. Rideout, scholar of Chinese
MS 105332The Confucian 禮記 [Li-Ji] or Record of Ritual
MS 30368A manuscript copy by Sir Thomas Wade of Robert Morrison's 'Vocabulary of the Canton dialect'
MS 12897Name and age of the Old Emperor (Ch'ien Lung). Name of the reigning Emperor (Ch'ia Ching) written in Chinese
MS 80823Manuscript catalogue of the Chinese collection which Robert Morrison brought back with him from China in 1824, and which was presented to University College, London
MS 283049Copies of three pieces by Oswald Wallwyn Darch, with photographs, descriptive of Kongmoon, Amoy, and Formosa, contributed to the manuscript magazine 'The Beehive'
MS 65426English-Chinese vocabulary, in Wade transcription
MS 11976'Annuae Sinenses annorum 1633 et 1634' (Missio Anamica, sive Tunquinensis. Anno 1634)
MS 380824Correspondence of Henry Alabaster and Palacia Alabaster
MS 380823Papers of Sir Chaloner Alabaster
MS 380394The language of the Kharosthi documents from Chinese Turkestan
MS 93164Instructions for Sumatra, West Coast
MS 381279Chinese posters (Religious Tract Society, Hankow & Shanghai and China Sunday School Association, Taiwan)
INTInterserve Archive
MS 314854Correspondence of Sir Robert Hart to Sir Francis Aglen
MS 211351Copy correspondence of Sir Robert Hart to James Duncan Campbell
PP MS 67Correspondence between Sir Robert Hart and James Duncan Campbell
MS 381124Hillier Family Papers
MS 381224Ling jian pian jin: Ke Xueli ji nian
JSS/10/2Swire & Maclaine Minutes
F MAP D 1:4 (2)Stanford's map of eastern China, Japan and Korea: the seat of war in 1894 published in London by E Stanford
MAP D 90 (187-1)Formosa [Taiwan] (Coast of China) published [London]
MAP D 87 (114)Hua-i t'u [Map of China and the barbarian countries] rubbing of a stone engraving at Sian dated 1137
MAP D 1:4 (6)Skeleton map showing approximately the boundaries between China, Siam and Burma
MAP D 1:4 (23)Japan, the islands of Loochoo and Formosa [Taiwan] and the maritime provinces of China with the tract of Morrison's voyage in 1837 published in [London] by J Arrowsmith
MAP D 42 (186)Map of Burma and the regions adjacent, to accompany the memorandum on railway communication with Western China and the intermediate Shan states from the port of Rangoon by Captain J M Williams
MAP D 42:4 (1)Map of the country between Rangoon and the British Frontier shewing the routes examined in 1867 by the China Route Survey
MS 380712Transcriptions of correspondence of Thomas Adkins, China Consular Service, to his parents John Caleb Adkins and Temperance Adkins of Milcote Hall, Weston-Upon-Avon, Warwickshire
MAP D 88 (189)Hong Kong extension published [London] by the Intelligence Division, War Office
F MAP D 1:7 (3)Map of the Eastern frontier of British India with the adjacent countries extending to Yunnan in China by Captain R Boileau Pemberton published [Calcutta] by J B Tassin
F MAP D 87 (1)Map of China and the adjacent countries, drawn from the latest surveys & other authentic documents drawn and engraved by J & C Walker and published in London By William H Allen
F MAP B 4 (1)Map of the countries between England and India, designed to show the overland and sea-routes to the East by J Wyld published in London by J Wyld
MAP D 90 (189-1)Map showing the island of Formosa [Taiwan] and the adjoining coast of China published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 87:37 (5)Map to illustrate convention of March 1st 1894 between Great Britian and China published in Southampton by the Ordnance Survey Office
MAP D 88 (185)Peninsula of Kowloon, shewing proposed site for barracks to accomodate 1000 men and general military hospital for 250 patients published [London]
F MAP D 87:7 (1)Chine meridionale et Tonkin, par le Capitaine Friquegnon published in Paris by H Barrere
MAP D 1 (186-2)Asien am Ende des zweiten Jarhunderts, zeit des Parther Reiches und de Han Dynastie in China [Asia at the end of the second century, at the time of the Parthian Empire and the Han dynasty in China] published in Gotha by Justus Perthes
F MAP D 87:16 (2)Sketch to illustrate the movements of the allied forces in China, from the land of Pehtang on the 1st August to the capture of theTakuforts [Dagu Forts]on the 21st August 1860 by Captain L Brabazon, lithographed at the Topographical Depot, War Office
CIM/05/01Records of Chefoo School
F MAP D 87 (3)Map of China, compiled from original surveys & sketches by J Wyld published in London by J Wyld
F MAP D 1 (2)Birman Empire and countries east of the Ganges published in London by Teesdale
MAP D 87:16 (4)Sketch to illustrate the movements of the allied forces in China, from the land of Pehtang on the 1st August to the capture of theTakuforts [Dagu Forts]on the 21st August 1860 by Captain L Brabazon, lithographed at theTopographical Depot, War Office
MAP D 1:5 (1)Description de la Tartarie par le Sr Sanson d'Abbeville published in Paris chez Pierre Mariette
MAP D 87 (187)A map of China to accompany a report on famine October 30th 1877 by W J Mayers published [London] by Harrison & Sons
JSS/3/15China Navigation Co Ships' Log Books and Reports
MMS/17/02/09/03Rev Josiah Cox
MMS/17/02/09/01Rev George William Sheppard
MS 381172Letter from A[lice] Swallow, Da-laen-sean [China] to Miss [H Marjorie] Whyatt [Grimsby, Lincolnshire]
MMS/17/02/09/15Dr Ethel Rowley
CGPCChinese Government Purchasing Commission Archive
MMS/17/02/09/09Rev Harold Burgoyne Rattenbury
MS 381233Henry Rue photograph album
MAP D 87:37 (4)Skeleton map to illustrate generally the agreement of 4th Feb 1897 between Great Britian and China modifying the convention of March 1st 1894 published [London] by the Intelligence Division, War Office
MS 381236Postcards and publications of Frederick Onley and Bertha Onley
PP MS 92Papers of Eva Dykes Spicer
MS 381086Diary of a Journey Among The Lois of Hainan
CBMSConference of British Missionary Societies Archive
USCLUnited Society For Christian Literature Archive
MS 381249'Sir Robert Hart: For China and the World'
JSS/1/12John Swire & Sons Minute Books
JSS/3/8China Navigation Company Deeds and Legal Papers
MS 381274'The Withdrawal of the China Inland Mission from China and its Redeployment as OMF [Overseas Missionary Fellowship] in East Asia. An Understanding of the Methodology and Decision-Making Process'. A dissertation submitted by David Anthony Huntley by arrangement with Trinity Theological Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana, USA, and accredited by the University of Liverpool, UK. In partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Theology with an emphasis on Missiology.
MS 381064Papers of Thomas Gillson and Elizabeth Gillson
JSS/2/5Butterfield and Swire Accounts Letters
JSS/4/2Coast Boats Ownery Casualties
JSS/9/1/1General Correspondence
JSS/10/1Swire and Maclaine Correspondence
JSS/5/1Taikoo Sugar Refinery General Letters
JSS/1/1John Swire and Sons Out Letters
JSS/1/2John Swire and Sons Letters In: From Butterfield & Swire
JSS/3/20Shipping Conference Correspondence
JSS/2/3Shanghai Master File
JSS/2/6Butterfield and Swire Accounts
JSS/3/3China Navigation Company London Correspondence
JSS/9/3Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Co Staff
JSS/7/3Tientsin Lighter Company Accounts
JSS/11/1Alfred Holt & Co
JSS/4/1Coast Boats Ownery Routine Papers
MS 381142Photographs of China by Colonel Robert Ruxton
JSS/2/7Butterfield and Swire Staff
JSS/3/4China Navigation Company Property
JSS/3/18China Navigation Company Pilgrim Trade Letters
JSS/9/4Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Co Minutes
JSS/2/2Butterfield and Swire General Correspondence
JSS/2/8Butterfield and Swire Legal Documents
JSS/3/5China Navigation Company Accounts Letters
JSS/8/2Taikoo Chinese Navigation Co Accounts Letters
JSS/11/5China Trade Association
JSS/8/1Taikoo Chinese Navigation Company Tonnage Letters
JSS/3/13China Navigation Company Local Letters
JSS/9/2Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Co Legal Papers
JSS/9/5Orient Paint, Colour and Varnish Co Property Letters
JSS/1/6John Swire and Sons Property
JSS/8/3Taikoo Chinese Navigation Co Accounts
MS 381302Letter of termination of employment from Feng Zheng to Jiguang Huang, with original envelope
MS 381297Album of ink paintings of Chinese landscapes by Chinese painter, Hong Ling (b.1955)
PP MS 99Papers of Derek Hermann Bryan and Liao Hongying
MS 380316Photocopies of material relating to Moses Clark White and China Inland Mission in Fuzhou, China
MMS/17/02/09/18Rev Thomas Thexton and Mrs Hilda Thexton
MMS/17/02/09/20Hill family papers
MMS/17/02/09/21Rev Leslie Pacey & Mrs Mildred Pacey
MS 381323Maps of China
MS 381326Roberts Memorial Hospital Photographs
MMS/17/02/06/25Josephine May Sewell
MS 381331Embroidered Chinese shoes & model
MS 381330Glass lantern slides of China by Evan Evans Bryant
PP MS 102Papers of Professor Walter Perceval Yetts
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