Place Name Code1733045
Place NameMalaysia
Place EntryMalaysia/Asia

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MS 380611Notebook of W. Lineham containing script for a speech on the Malays, an indigenous group from Malaysia covering their history, customs, society and British influence in the region
MS 297483Manuscripts of Dr Charles Otto Blagden
MS 380707'Enterprise in Oil: the history of Shell in Singapore, 1891-1960', by Yeo Ai Hoon
MS 380706Notes on Shell petrol company, Singapore and Malaya by Professor K. G. Tregonning
MS 380583 Transcripts relating to Robert Morrison
MS 380053 Correspondence and articles of Arthur Wedderburn Hartwig Hamilton
MS 380477Serdang Central Plantations Ltd.
GCGuthrie Corporation Archive
PCE/WMAWomen's Missionary Association
MS 380647'United Sua Betong: The History of the United Sua Betong Estates in Malaya, 1909-59', by C.Northcote Parkinson
MS 169518Malayan Union Committee: Committee on the Qualifications appropriate to Malayan Citizenship
MS 380476Legge Family Papers
MS 172599Diary of the Commission to Laroot
MS 380628Correspondence of Lieutenant Commander Jack F Blackburn
MS 312646Papers of Sir Richard Olaf Winstedt
MS 46943Notes on genealogies of Rajas and Chiefs of Perak in English and Malay compiled by Sir W. E. Maxwell, followed by Chiri or Malay formulas used in the courts of Perak and Brunei (Borneo).
MS 380698Correspondence of Thomas Beighton and Abigail Beighton
MS 380588Undang of Jelebu succession
MS 380629Letter from Than Phya Phimon Aisawan, Siamese Governor of Thalang and Than Phya Surintharacha, Siamese Superintendent to Captain Francis Light
MS 297468Scrapbook relating to former European colonies in South and South-East Asia
PP MS 31Papers of Wilfred Lawson Blythe
MCFMovement for Colonial Freedom Archive
CWM/LMS/20/03/01Robert Morrison Papers
CIM/05Chefoo School Papers
MS 381182Annotated copy of the 'Serjah Malayu, or The Malay Annals', ed W.G. Shellabear
PCEPresbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee Archive
CWM/LMS/20/03/02James Legge Papers
MMS/17/02/09/10Sister Gladys Stephenson
PP MS 33Papers of Tom Pearson Cromwell
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
PP MS 65Papers of Barbara Whittingham Jones
PP MS 13Agence France Presse Collection
MS 283792British North Borneo Collection
MS 169519Malaya; Constitutional Working Committee
MS 40326A Malay-English vocabulary, copied by an English copyist
MS 46942'Undang Undang'
MS 359656Newspaper cuttings of A. W. Hamilton's contributions to the Malayan Press
MS 46941Notes in English and Malay compiled by Sir W. E. Maxwell on the folklore of Perak and Minangkabau, magic, diagnoses of disease and terms applied to elephants.
MS 12139A volume containing some material in Malay, Sumatran, Rejang, and Batak
MS 190991Portrait of Patani
MS 40325A Malay-English vocabulary, copied by an English copyist
MS 381093Stanley and Ivy Key: Borneo Photograph Albums
MS 360895Correspondence of Dr Charles Otto Blagden
MS 381234Photographs taken by Roy Gibson during his time in Malaya, whilst serving with the Malayan Civil Service
MS 40320The Light Letters
MS 381320Notebooks on the Malay Peninsula by Dr Charles Otto Blagden
MS 381139Letter from Richard Olaf Winstedt to Professor Antoine Cabaton
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