Place Name Code1668284
Place NameTaiwan
Place EntryTaiwan/Asia

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MS 380736Papers of Robert Inkster
CIM/04/02Papers of Eric Liberty and Edith Liberty
PCE/WMAWomen's Missionary Association
MS 381153Album of commercial postcards of Japan and Taiwan
CIM/05Chefoo School Papers
PCEPresbyterian Church of England Foreign Missions Committee Archive
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
PP MS 47Papers of Sir Alwyne George Neville Ogden
MS 283049Copies of three pieces by Oswald Wallwyn Darch, with photographs, descriptive of Kongmoon, Amoy, and Formosa, contributed to the manuscript magazine 'The Beehive'
MS 381279Chinese posters (Religious Tract Society, Hankow & Shanghai and China Sunday School Association, Taiwan)
MAP D 90 (187-1)Formosa [Taiwan] (Coast of China) published [London]
MAP D 1:4 (23)Japan, the islands of Loochoo and Formosa [Taiwan] and the maritime provinces of China with the tract of Morrison's voyage in 1837 published in [London] by J Arrowsmith
MAP D 90 (187)Formosa [Taiwan] published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 90 (188)Formosa [Taiwan] : map showing the districts in which sugar is produced published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 90 (189)North Formosa [Taiwan] published [London] by Harrison & Sons
MAP D 90 (189-1)Map showing the island of Formosa [Taiwan] and the adjoining coast of China published [London] by Harrison & Sons
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