Place Name Code1327865
Place NameMyanmar
Place EntryMyanmar/Asia

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MS 381028Two Memoirs by Michael Audland
MMS/17/02/07Burma [Myanmar]
F MAP D 1 (2)Birman Empire and countries east of the Ganges published in London by Teesdale
MS 297483Manuscripts of Dr Charles Otto Blagden
OA2British in India Oral Archive Project
MAP D 87:37 (5)Map to illustrate convention of March 1st 1894 between Great Britian and China published in Southampton by the Ordnance Survey Office
MS 380326Notes of E. D. Roberts, 1982, describing the development of education in pre-independent Africa, written from his experience in the Gold Coast [Ghana], West Africa, 1947-1955
MS 380615Reports of Sir Percival Joseph Griffiths
MS 225724Account of the rebellion in the Thayetmyo District, 1931
MS 196761Two scrapbooks containing newspaper cuttings relating to events in Burma
MS 74353Mon manuscripts in the Bernard Free Library, Rangoon
MMS/17/02/07/01Rev Arthur Henry Bestall
MMS/15Burma [Myanmar]
MAP D 42 (91)Burma and adjacent countires published in Calcutta by the Survey of India
MMS/WWWomen's Work
MS 360895Correspondence of Dr Charles Otto Blagden
PP MS 1Papers of Sir William Mackinnon
MS 138754Papers on the archaeology of Burma
MS 380626Letter from C. L. Booth, British Embassy, Rangoon, Burma, to Lord Carrington, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London.
MS 380572Journals of Philip Rigby Rounds
MS 381043Illustrated London News: F├╝rer-Haimendorf articles on the Nagas
MS 380757Pa Laung manuscript
MS 188534Materials for a bibliography of Burma
MAP D 42 Mandalay (1)Map of Mandalay City
MAP D 1:4 (6)Skeleton map showing approximately the boundaries between China, Siam and Burma
MMS(Wesleyan) Methodist Missionary Society Archive
MAP D 42 (186)Map of Burma and the regions adjacent, to accompany the memorandum on railway communication with Western China and the intermediate Shan states from the port of Rangoon by Captain J M Williams
F MAP D 64 (1)Carte de l'Indo-Chine, dresses sous les auspices du Ministra des Affaires Etrangeres & du Sous-Secretaire d'Etat des Colonies par MM les Capitaines Cupet, Friquegnon et de Malglaive, membres de la Mission Pavie published in Paris by A Challamel
MAP D 42 (202a)Map of Burma
MS 381325Writings on Chin Folk-Lore by Marie Blanche Head
MS 161000The Conquest, Pacification, and Administration of the Shan States by the British, 1886-1897
MAP D 42 (214)Plan of the Burma State Railway published in Calcutta [Survey of India]
MS 380001Burma Regiment: Chin Hills Battalion
MS 48049Notes on certain tribes in Burma and beyond its frontiers
CAChristian Aid Archive
CIMChina Inland Mission Archive
CoCChurches of Christ Missionary Committee Archive
MMS/17/02/09/09Rev Harold Burgoyne Rattenbury
PP MS 18Papers of Professor Daniel George Edward Hall
PP MS 23Papers of John Sydenham Furnivall
PP MS 103Epigraphic Papers of Gordon Hannington Luce
TTMMSMethodist Missionary Society archive
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